November 15, 2012 Meeting: New Table Topics Format

During our meeting this week, we chose to have two Table Topics sessions. For the first session, we selected items from a bag of goodies and had to say why the item we picked was our FAVORITE item in the entire world! This was quite fun for all of our members. For the first time, instead of members choosing to participate, the Topicsmaster selected who would go next. It was fun, interesting, and kept us on our toes!

During the next session, the Topicsmaster admitted to feeling that he needed to improve in his Table Topics speeches and asked since we had already heard from everyone if we would be willing to let him be on the stand. We would throw out a topic and he would speak about it for 1 – 2 minutes. This was a great exercise in humility, gaining strength on the spot, and being willing to learn. All members enjoyed listening to his speeches as well as providing topics for which he would then speak.

Overall, we had a wonderful meeting with two guests in attendance who provided great feedback to help the Colonel Ledyard Toastmasters continue to grow. We are happy to know that everyone who visits us says we have great energy, are welcoming, and allow them to feel like we have a lot of fun. We think we are fun group. Come find out for yourself the first Thursday in December at 7:00, Bill Library in Ledyard!