Speaking with Passion: Using Words to Convey Images


What words come to mind when you see the above picture?

Using Words to Convey Images

Think of how you would explain this picture with words. If you were standing at a lectern and you wanted to explain the beautiful scene that you came upon while hiking at a local park, how would you help the audience visualize what you saw? Think about that as we share about our meeting this week.

Skiing Crystal Mountain: Top of the World

One of our members shared his second speech from the Competent Communicator handbook: Organize Your Speech. His purpose was to show he understood that speeches need an opening, body, and conclusion. He started out by asking if we have ever felt like we were on top of the world. He proceeded to share with us the time he hiked and skied Crystal Mountain in Washington with a coach and friends. As a child, he had to walk through mid-calf-deep, wet snow. Ugh. He used words and visuals to help us feel as though we were walking up the mountain with him.

Through his clear use of words and body language, we stopped to see a plaque of a man buried along the path. We whined about our legs hurting in the “miles” of wet snow, which we learned was really only a few feet. We reached the top of the mountain and looked out with him at Mount Rainier and King’s Mountain. We looked down upon Seattle and the surrounding areas. It’s possible we even saw Mount Saint Helen off in the distance. The hike was amazing.

The best part of the speech? When we reached the top and learned along with the speaker how we had to launch and go down the mountain!

Artistic Expression: Using Doodles to Unwind

Another member shared her eighth speech from the Competent Communicator book: Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids. She shared with us her love for art and secret ability to create abstract work using acrylic pain, photos, and Sharpies. After sharing her work with us, she had us create our own works of art using Sharpies and drawing paper. We had to draw lines, doodles, and weird shapes that connected together to create masterpieces of an abstract nature.

Words to Convey Images

In our first speech, the speaker had to relay visuals such as we asked you to do with the picture above. In the second speech, our speaker was able to provide an image for us to see. Both speeches impacted our audience equally. Let’s see how you did with the exercise.

To help an audience understand the picture, you could say something like this:

“Have you ever found beauty in an odd place? Perhaps you were walking along a beach to catch the amazing view of the sunset when you stumbled across a piece of wood. As you bent down to move it out of the way, you noticed a small pussy willow branch in bloom. The way the branch sat along the wood looked beautiful against the backdrop of the sun hitting the water and leaving sparkling droplets. Maybe you stood there mesmerized and maybe you snapped a picture? Perhaps you stared at it for a few moments and looked for other opportunities to see beauty in not-so-obvious places while enjoying the rest of your walk. Whatever you did, I imagine when you saw that beauty, you realized that beauty can be found almost anywhere if we look at the right angle.”

Share with us how you would have described the scene by commenting below or stopping by our FaceBook page and leaving a comment.