Heroes, Gratitude, and Forgiveness: A Moving Night of Toastmasters Speeches

Last night’s meeting was AMAZING. After a very interesting Table Topics session on the Olympic Coverage, we moved into our speeches. Our three speakers completed various projects from the Competent Communicator book. It was great to see such a varied group and yet see how the topics flowed together as though it were planned. The theme of our evening seemed to be, “Challenge Yourself.”

After our very moving speeches were completed, a wise Toastmaster and Ah-Counter decided to share jokes to bring everyone back to smiles after some deep reflection posed by our speakers! This led to much laughter. We never have a dull moment at the Colonel Ledyard Toastmasters club. Though you will be moved, challenged, and inspired at times by the topics covered, there is always a sense of community within the meetings that brings us together to come back meeting after meeting.

 Speech Summaries

Courtesy of Nokhoog_Buchachon


Our first speaker was sharing his 10th speech:  Inspire Your Audience. He was to provide content that moved the audience to action. By sharing his memories of a Vacation Bible School, our speaker helped us understand the importance of heroes in our lives. Who are heroes?

Courtesy of Stuart Miles


You know those people who walk around as though life is heavy and burdensome? Or those people who walk around always smiling and as though nothing can take away their sunshine? Which would you rather be? In her third speech, Get To The Point, our second speaker shared about the importance of showing gratitude to the Universe for all it provides to us. Whether it is by keeping a gratitude letter or sending a card to someone to let them know you are thankful for them, she encouraged everyone to take a moment to show gratitude every day. Who or what are you thankful for today?


In a story about the power of forgiveness, our last speaker shared her 7th speech: Vocal Variety. She provided a parable that discussed the way a secret or anger can imprison a person and how freedom comes by finally being willing to speak up and ask for or accept forgiveness. Who in your life requires your forgiveness today?


Take a moment to consider each of these questions and reflect upon how they can make you a better leader. Toastmasters encourages our members to become great leaders as well as excellent communicators. Part of leading well is having mentors, being grateful, and extending forgiveness. Are you ready to be a great leader?